Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ann 42/100 - Alan

I just can't get these indoor people at work shots. I really thought this one was focussed, it looked okay on the screen, but its not. The others, where he's not looking at the camera, are even worse. I tried putting it on sport without the flash but it didn't work at all. The third one is for Peter, action blur without even trying - I quite like it.

Peter's Comment:

Ann, here is our best bit of proof that the camera isn't the one not focussing. You've taken this shot at 1/10 of a second, which is the best you will do with the P&S with no flash, so it's almost impossible to hold it still. If you look at the edges of the blur, where there are crispy lines you can clearly see double ups. The glasses, his teeth and the lettering on the post packs are obvious places. This is a tell tale that you've moved the camera while the shot was being taken.

There are a few things you can do; Try holding the camera hard against your body and "guessing" where the subject is. (Don't even breath while you are doing this), or you can place the camera on something solid like a desk or filing cabinet or piece of shop (I did that in my photos of Liz and Lonnie) , or you can use a tripod.

Alternatively, you could use the flash!

All of the above will be subject to the subject moving of course, but they'll help.


bitingmidge said...

Nice shot, shame about the softness!

I've made my comments about that in the text. I do like your blurry shot though, particularly with everything else quite focussed, although I have to say no one will believe you've seen that much movement in a Post Office!

Julie said...

...*chuckle* ... re #3

This blur thing is getting to me, too. My guess is that you needed a tripod. I know that some photographers can take indoor shots, on high ISO and long zoom ... but I think they stop breathing.

This is going to be one of the technical things that I am going to work through in one of the lots of 10 as I zoom up to 100. Right now I am stalling over #50.

Julie said...

I have read and digested you inline comment now, Peter. I have cut me another diffuser this morning as I am being a subject in a piece of PhD research on "mindfulness" this evening and I am going to try to get a shot of the researcher indoors. Wish me luck!

Last night, I saw a real diffuser on a massive camera that a guy had down at The Con when there was a Gala Concert where Peter Sculthorpe bequested all his worldly goods to the University. The diffuser certainly looks prehistoric ....