Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Julie (46/100) - Hosing off the sweat

Emma has horses of her own, but Willie here belongs to a friend. Emma only works three days a week and has a supportive partner.

As you can imagine, water was spraying off everywhere. However, if I took a step backward, I risked being trampled by other horses coming into the showers! Willie obviously enjoyed this, only slightly rearing when the water was directed at his head. Emma chatted to me throughout. I had the AF down to just a single point which worked no better than the 9 points. I think that I start to move before the shot has actually been taken. I often have trouble finding the shoot button while also concentrating on what is in the viewfinder. As bad as learning to drive, this!


bitingmidge said...

See, much better with the hose on! :-)

I'm loving watching your learning process, (and it's keeping me thinking too!)

Julie said...

I have another hose shot later in the week! Both of which are why I grinned my head off when you turned the hose on on Monday.

The learning process at the moment is one step forward two steps back ... by the time I complete this project I would like to feel that it is closer to 2 steps forward 1 step back.

Ann said...

I like this one.

altadenahiker said...

I actually like the top shot. Know why? Because I've noticed people usually do smile when washing a horse. There's something kind of sweet and funny about the process, especailly when doing the face.

Julie said...

The whole process reminded me of kids spraying each other with a hose! Both horse and carer enjoyed this process very much and although not much whispering, much communication occurred. Thanks for the visit, Karin.