Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peter 037 - Tomo

Tomo wasn't smiling for the picture as he worked on his batch of Okonomiyaki (are they having a go at us phonetically with that?). He is one of those sorts of people who puts a bit of his personality in the food as he goes along, which is why I approached him in the first place. It made me sorry we'd just demolished a roll of Knackwurst and Sauerkraut actually.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, the Sakura (cherry blossom), the emblem of things Japanese looks very much like a Hibiscus it seems.

Our conversation wasn't all that flash, with my still a bit fuzzy ears that don't work particularly well at the best of times hearing his name as the very Australian "Thommo", no he grinned "Tomo", ahhh ... "Toe Moe" eh?

Toh moh.


I'd have liked to have chatted more, but the boss didn't entirely share his demeanour.


Julie said...

Can I be critical?

I love the angle of the hands and the straight edge along the front. I love the blue and white. I love the smile yet with eyes down.

But what about that left-hand-side? Bit ordinary for you, m'boy ...

bitingmidge said...

Ja, sometimes ve haff to vork vith vot ve haff!

I would have loved to have got the whole "Japanese" word in, and the other two blue eskies, but there were other people and a whole lot of other junk, so I went with the best of a poor choice.

Ruined the chances of a pulling off a great shot I thought.

Two months ago, we would have been grateful for it!

bitingmidge said...

It would have been time to pull out the F1.4 lens (that I don't have). That would have well and truly taken care of the background by the way. (Like the shot you emailed round the other day.)

Julie said...

The one of Penelope Cruz? Ah ... so a F1.4 is a wide-angle lens which can result in a shallow depth of field so you bascially just see a blur of colour and shape?

I also agree that in January I would not have seen the background - nor done an Oliver!

Wait till you see my two Indonesian fish filleters ... talk about a junky background ...

bitingmidge said...

No no! F1.4 refers to the maximum Aperture opening.

You will probably find yours goes to about 4 ish.

Once you get down to the 1. something you will start to see seriously shallow depth of field.

Ann said...

For some reason the straight edge along the front annoys me, but the left side doesn't worry me. I think this is a beautiful shot.