Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ann 45/100 - Corrado

Another man at work shot, better than the earlier ones because he did stop and look at me but I still couldn't get what I wanted. Any shot that had the composition had movement and blurred. Not sure which of these I prefer.


Julie said...

Yes, there are aspects of each that I like, but if I were forced to choose, I would go for the bottom one.

I like the direct gaze and slight smile of the first one and the placement and colour of the pile of cups.

However, I am now addicted to seeing what each subject is doing! Hence I like the bottom one although the facial muscles are less animated and the cuts are not as dominant.

Good post, Ann.

Julie said...

cups ... cups are not as dominant!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I also would choose the bottom one for the same reasons as Julie.

bitingmidge said...

I couldn't choose initially, but now that I'm awake, definitely the second one.

I love the comb over and the concentration, and there's still something fake about the expression in the first, while the cups do tend to dominate.

On the other hand, the eyes would sell it to me every time!