Saturday, February 28, 2009

Julie (49/100) - Facing the future

Eon was the lad ready to bare his abs for me as I walked down the wharf. He was just off a fishing trawler, winding up ropes and washing his feet off. When I asked if he was a fisherman, the mood changed. Bang. Three days before he - and many others - had been retrenched after 21 years with the same manufacturing firm.

Joan: Smart Photo Fixed.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Julie, since we have been talking about exposure lately. This one was in bright light and somewhat over exposed so washes it out.

I will be brave enough to pop an example of the photo with the "smart photo fix" option on my software up to show you the difference. Smart fix does not always give the best results but certainly makes a difference here. I am sure even better could be done by tweaking the right levers, I'm still learning those.

Ann said...

I can't believe you didn't take the opportunity to get his bare abs - don't you think about the rest of us :) Like the composition but the colours are very pastel, was it really that colour or did you tweak it in post? Even Joan's is very pastel.

bitingmidge said...

Julie WAS thinking of the rest of us Ann! ;-)

Good shot, Joan's quickfix makes a huge difference.

I reckon I relied on auto levels for a year before I started to play. If it didn't improve the thing, I'd just undo it.

I love the photo, and the story.

Julie said...

Have a General Post to share with you about thus shot and subsequent events. Shall do it later this evening: off to the SOH to see The Magic Flute this evening. Just getting out the glad rags ...