Sunday, February 1, 2009

Julie (25/100) - Doing a favour

Everything is wrong with this! It is simply a snapshot. However, as one of my aims was to try for some multi-people shots, this one was important. They actually approached me to take some holiday snaps for them at the tennis and I pulled the favour immediately.

What would I change? The location for starters: I should have swung them around to be facing the sun or at least obliquely to it. I did ask Dave to take his sunnies off eventually, but I should also have asked Lynn to take her hat off. Then I think I should have altered the grouping and put them in a line Dave, Yvonne, Lynn standing behind each other and asked them to look around. Anything to avoid this stilted pose. And I should have had the flash on to overcome some of the shadows. Peter calls this "fill flash", but is this different from ordinary flash.


bitingmidge said...

This is one of the things that I have found most enlightening about this exercise. I too would once have turned them round into the sun.

The result would have been very sharp light and shade, like the shot of Dave in the centre pic.

Certainly flash on full bore would have helped, but I think I would have backed them under the awning in full shade and then used the flash turned down a bit.

"Fill flash" because it's filling in the shadows a bit, not taking them away completely, and not providing the total light on the subject.

Thanks for posting these Julie, if the sun had been out this morning that could have been one of mine!

Not now though...... ;-)

Ann said...

Have a look at some of mine - I've put people in the sun, particularly the Canadian couple, and the light is very harsh. I know that fill flash is different to normal, not as strong, but its something else I don't know how to operate - something else to learn. My SLR would definitely have it, not sure about the p&s, think it would be too fiddly to find on that one. Its probably an icon on your flash menu.