Sunday, February 1, 2009

Peter 023 Dave

Dave's been at work for a couple of hours and the sun is just starting to make it's presence felt. Clearly, the combination of Sunday Paper and the warmth from the new day was giving him a challenge just to stay awake until the customers arrived.

He flogs junk (I almost called it bric-a -brac, but it's junk) to the Sunday punters, and was happy for me to take my time while he went about his business.

I couldn't decide whether to pop up the flash to assist because of the backlighting, perhaps I should, but maybe I got away with it.

I also couldn't decide which shot to use!

Exposure Time : 1/500
F Number : 4.8
Exposure Program : Aperture-priority
ISO : 200
Metering Mode : Multi-segment
Light Source : Unknown (0)
Flash : No Flash
Focal Length : 48.0mm
Focal Length In 35mm Format : 72


Ann said...

I think you got away with it. I like both shots but find the stack of cups or whatever they are in the other one distracting.

Ann said...

Peter, would you mind posting shooting information with all your shots? That way I can get some idea of what effect different settings have.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love the relaxed pose.

bitingmidge said...

Ann, I'm sorry I meant to do that.

I have a little utility called MacMetaShow, which is a droplet that I can drop any photo over and it will tell me the exif data, unless it's been deilberately stripped from the shot.

I'm sure that there are similar in the PC environment, I'll see what I can find out. I often use it to see how others did it!

bitingmidge said...

Here's a free utility that works in Internet Explorer and Firefox if you want to examine exif data on any photo in your browser: