Monday, February 2, 2009

Julie (26/100) - Waiting patiently

Gillian is from Kyogle which is in NSW just 15kms from the Queensland border - she measured it the other day. She had been sitting on the main entry steps into Rod Laver Arena for the last three hours while her daughter - who was from Darwin - queued to get tickets for the Federer match starting at 7:30. She had never been to the tennis before. This is one of my favourite sort of Australian characters: hard-working country folk.

I have many shots of Gillian, but they all seem to show her talking. I have chosen the one that has the best context, but it does not divulge much about her. The setting sun was a problem and I probably should have used flash. However, I came into this project hating flash because it did a Hamlet: sicklied o'er with a pale cast! Now I realise that I can use it during the day to flesh out shadows.

My aim between 28 and 38: include context; post only one image; blur the background; use flash during the day.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I like her a lot. Country people don't mind sitting down on the steps to wait. I even think the background is fine not blurred. They are a good list of aims.

bitingmidge said...

I love her too, and her expression is an Aussie version of Ann's pic today! (My version happens tomorrow).

Great aims! Once you've got the flash working for you, it'll be time to fall back in love with it in low light conditions. I'll try to do the same, I promise!

I've gone up a step from today's post with processing pics I think. I think I understand the sharpening process a lot better after yesterday's research. I'm rather excited, but there's just a bottomless pit of learning!

Ann said...

Your aims are pretty much what I'm trying to do now although, with the p&s its more about composition. These are the type of characters I wish I could find more of. The background doesn't worry me too much as I'm always drawn back to her face.