Friday, February 6, 2009

Julie (30/100) - Ready for an exam

Of course, the solution was the bleedin' obvious:

Chris is nearly finished a Masters in Management. He actually studies by distance from University of Southern Queensland. Just that today's exam was scheduled on the USYD campus.

Does this look a bit blue or a bit yellow? I had the AWB set on Tungsten instead of sunny. Oops ... so I did some post-processing.


Ann said...

Far too blue for me, I'm afraid. Waht was the original like. You've blurred the background nicely.

Julie said...

The blue IS the original, unfortunately. That is the effect of AWB being set to tungsten instead of sun. I tried to remove the blue and it is much better than it was. Hard to believe, I know. I just add into my learning curve ...

It did achieve a couple of things for me. Yes, I did get the background blurred. And he is an ordinary business-type person instead of one of my exotica.

Now I am working on trying to get the focus sharper. Need to put the brain more into gear when I look through the view-finder.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the colour shot but it is definitely too blue. You can take more of the blue out of it. I tried it with my software, altering the white balance (away from blue) and it came out looking good. I think this subject is too "flat" to be converted to B&W.

Julie said...

I can see what you mean by flat: there is no perspective - no fore, middle and background. Also compared with Ann's paperseller, there is mainly one shade of grey whereas Ann has black, white and grey.

So ... I now have some hooks on which to consider monochrome.

I will try that post processing. But want to get a couple of free photoeditors. I only have Photostudio5, but think I have PS Elements here somewhere.

Ann said...

That's better. Okay its a bit flat but its far preferable to the colour one. I use the Picassa one which I find is good for basic cropping, monochrome, sepia etc and fixing light, contrast and shadows. I want to have a look at PS Elements and see what that will do.