Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peter 029 - Lonnie

I'm starting to feel like a network marketer now, where everyone I meet is just another opportunity to push my cause, but I'm also enjoying this "pics of people doing what they do" aspect immensely.

Lonnie is a Real Estate Salesman (person?) in the Sunshine Coast town of Beerwah and I think its fair to say she talks with her hands! It's quite interesting really as I had to do a lot of selling myself to get her permission to take her photo, and it took a while for her conversation to "re-animate". Of course holding the camera at waste/desktop height helped in that process as she was able to continue to make eye contact!

The photo choice was a toss up between this one, and one with her hands stationary. I think this says more about her style, but it also tends to allow the eye to wander directly to her face and eyes. The focus on the other shot tended to be her hands in the foreground, and apart from constantly moving, they aren't an important part of her character!

Exposure Time : 1/25
F Number : 3.5
Exposure Program : Program AE
ISO : 200
Metering Mode : Multi-segment
Flash : No Flash
Focal Length : 18.0mm
Focal Length In 35mm Format : 27
Contrast : Normal
Saturation : High


Ann said...

This is wonderful. I know you aren't areound at the moment but you can answer when you get back. How on earth did you get her face in focus without looking through the viewfinder. I love the movement in her hands.

Julie said...

Yes, how on earth did you frame it and focus it? I gather that you were still talking to her as she is still looking at normal person height. The movement in the hands is great. Her office mirrors her appearance: straight to the point without the need for aluminium trims and bleached Scandinavian wood.

Julie said...

What I don't get here is that the ISO is 200 and you did not use flash ... yet it is inside.

Hah ... you had a gorilla tripod and set the camera to timer!

bitingmidge said...


First questions first!

I focussed manually, by guessing the distance was a little under a metre.

I framed it by guesswork/intuition. I have taken many photos at waste height while walking through markets or whatever, and with a wide angle and a bit of luck it all works fine. In this case I had a couple of attempts, narrowing up the field of view as I got closer to what I was looking for.

No Gorilla Tripod, just rested the back of the camera on the desk, and the lens on two or three fingers to get the elevation I thought was about right!

Julie said...

Yee hah!!