Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Julie (34/100) - At the easel

Belinda is an art teacher who is taking the Drawing & Painting class that started this evening and runs for 8 weeks.

This was inside but with gruesomely bright flourescent lights. I thought that the safest way was to go with a set program and chose Landscape as Portrait would have used flash which would have been too intrusive. This is as close as the 18-55 lens would let me get without hijacking the class for private purposes.

What would I do differently given that I did not want to use flash? If I had used landscape and moved to the left a little, I may have been able to show what she was sketching as well. So, landscape, to the left and one step closer might have produced a more interesting shot.


Ann said...

It would be interesting to see what P with the flash off would have done. I feel I want to know either what she's doing or what she's looking at.

Dina said...

Somehow I only now discovered this blog of y'all's. Great! Congratulations on joining this challenging project. Hope I will gain the courage to do it someday.

Greetings to dear Australia and her people.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Julie, I think this is a lovely shot. The right combination of crisp and blurring. I'm with Ann, what was she looking at? People wanted to know that about the artist I posted the other day too.

When I want to use portrait without the flash I just hold down the flash mechanism so it can't pop up. Probably does dreadful things to the camera but hasn't broken it yet. I'm always doing it because I hate flash and have been too lazy figure out how to turn it off.

Ann, you said the other day you use Auto or P. I never use Auto, it always seems to take dreadful photographs. But that is possibly because the settings are geared towards photographing people and I am usually doing landscapes or closeups.

Julie said...

Yes, that is just what I wanted the photo to tell me too. However, I know that she was pretty much looking at a blank sheet of paper. She was at my easel and had her own sheet and was about to sketch the two vases from my perspective. But that is beside the point, the composition and perspective on her would have been better had it shown the easel.

I cannot hold down the flash as it stops the camera and tells me there is a problem and would I please switch off and back on! I know how to turn flash on/off just not in a hurry and then I get flustered.

Need to spend more time in my courtyard fiddling with settings and taking shots of plants and bricks.

Golly it is freezing this morning ...

Ann said...

I thought you were using a Canon 400D? I can override the flash the way Joan describes. NOt on the p&s unfortunately, I have to start pressing buttons and going through menus.

Joan - I mostly work on P as it sets aperture and shutter speed and I can change ISO and do various other things. My SLR seems to work pretty well on auto. I've used it a lot overseas when you're with a group and you don't have the time to stop and fiddle with the camera. With this set I'm using 2 very different cameras - the SLR and a basic p&s.

bitingmidge said...

I like it, the hint of backlighting on her face works beautifully against the darker bit of background, and certainly no need for the flash on this one.

I also agree with the consensus I think. It would have been improved with even a hint of the easel in front of her. No need for the whole drawing, just the edge.