Friday, February 20, 2009

Peter 032 - Jim

Jim sells tickets for the Tilt Train and all the interstate services at Nambour Station. His little spot is like a travel agency, carpeted and separate from the rest of the station in a glass enclosure.

Nambour isn't a large station, but it was fifteen minutes before the train was due and he had a small queue, which he dealt with in a completely unhurried but efficient way. That's what I was trying to capture, I'm not sure if it worked.

1/3 second will give you motion blur every time!

Julie here:

I have removed the nose and some of the unattractiveness of the office. This does not improve the image. However, it does indicate the inherent contradiction: the person is doing things at his speed whereas the image is full of technical "motion". The two seem to be pulling against each other.


bitingmidge said...

I'm underway again... sort of!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Good to have you back -- sorry about the tooth pain. Mmmm I don't like this one ... but I never do like your artsy shots like the ghosts on the beach etc. It's all a matter of taste I guess.

Julie said...

The thing with the motion blur is that it is so at odds with the general demeanour of the chap.

What I think I can spy is the influence of the portrait tutorials that Cara sent around yesterday. If I am right one of the points suggested to have the person right off to one side of the image. However, in this case it exposes the rest of his office to our sight - and isn't it a typical public servant office. No personality at all.

I am trying to work out why you left in the turquoise arm and the smidge of nose ... there must be something in here that you want me to learn. I am going away with this photo and see what I can do with it.

BTW ... good to have you back posting.

bitingmidge said...

Don't read too much into it!

I just missed cropping the nose out! No conscious influence from yesterday, but couldn't use the flash because he was behind glass, and didn't want to bother him with "posing" since there were customers waiting.

The office is indeed quite strange, like a scene from an Aussie telemovie that didn't get it quite right. Maybe they are too close to life to be believable?

I really wanted the books and the desk to be perfectly focussed, to emphasise the movement in the subject, but I continued breathing!

Julie said...

That darned breathing will do a photographer down every time!!

bitingmidge said...

Every time!

I've looked at it again this morning, and in the cold hard light of day, I still quite like it!

Julie said...

You do things differently over in Queensland ...

Ann said...

'fraid I'm not fond of this one either. Too much motion blur for me. Good to have you back, I've completely run out now and don't know when I'll get some more.