Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ann 41/100 - PL

Look, tatts! I was photographing him from the other side and didn't even notice his tatts until I was walking away. I had to get the camera out again and take some more. PL is a French Canadian on a working holiday. He's been driving me up the wall as his bagpipes can be heard quite clearly in our office. Still, its hard to be annoyed with someone that cute. He's much better looking than in the main shot - see below.


bitingmidge said...

French Canadian yet playing Scottish "peeps"? I'd have thought at least he'd be playing French pipes. (Their easy to spot, the tenor drone comes from the same spot as the chanter you know).

It's a great pict this one! Everything from the ink to the background seems to work for me.

Interesting bagpipe ink too, this is one confused little French Canadian!

Julie said...

Interesting to see all three shots of him: I agree that the first one tells a good story, especially the cheeks.

The background is really good: I thought it was pissing down, until I realised that Archibald wanted in on the action too.

The tatts really set the portrait off: French-Canadian, playing Scottish pipes, in Australia with tatts and the capacity for double earrings.

And ... in focus ... tick ...