Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peter 033 - Liz

Liz was paying for her train ticket to go to Gympie and then back home to Mackay after a short holiday with friends on the coast. She'd been working in Ireland for a few years, and after quite a bit of world girdling, was having a bit of trouble coming to terms with settling down at home.

I really wasn't there to take photos, but I did have my camera, and the lighting seemed close to perfect for my evil intent. (Pity the top of her head is burnt out).

More rain forecast for the weekend, and forty millimetres fell while we were at the station, so I couldn't go madly harassing people!

Julie here:

What my cropping has done is to remove the "possibility" of there being someone else in the photograph,too. Peter's original works well because of the length of the horizontal. The fluorescent annoys, as does the A4 notice stuck to the glass. But the stretch of the neck, the querying body language and the reflected outstretched hand all lead the eye to the unseen codger in the booth. Giving the eye somewhere to go is what Peter was on about yesterday.


But I think it loses its balance. A slightly less agressive crop, in the same proportion as the original, with the edges darkened. (A "vignette") The fluoro doesn't trouble me, it balances the shot, and is now dark enough not to distract I think?


bitingmidge said...

I thought about adding a dark vignette to further frame the pic, but I quite like it the way it is.

Julie said...

What on earth is a dark vignette?

Yeah, I like it the way it is - nearly. I like the reflection of the arm (I like the aged dimpled arm!). I like the light on the hand and the credit card. I like the line of the neck. Would it be too dark if I cropped off the flourescent and that notice in the foreground?

Just talk among yournselfs for a mo'...

bitingmidge said...

Duelling Cropsters!

Ann said...

You really are back with a vengeance. I love this one. Don't find the fluro distracting as I'm drawn straight to light on her head and face. If I find anything distracting its the vertical post or whatever it is at the left. Peter's second crop works for me though I'm not even going to ask how you do the vignette.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I agree, there is too much distracting stuff in the first one. And can see why you went for the vingette, it encloses it better and makes the post less distracting. What I like about this one is the light against the dark, the bright colour of her shirt and the enquiring look. In its final form it is a real good one.

freefalling said...

Absolutely love it!
Love her burnt out head.
Hate the crop.