Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peter 034 - Liam and Dodger

Liam didn't know if Dodger was an Australian Terrier or not (I think he is), but he told me he'd had him since he was "this big" (holding his hands a few inches apart).

This had the potential to be a terrific shot! I've been lining up all over town to try to pull off one like this..oh well a few more and I might get one to work.

Julie here:
This still has similar problems: maybe, if you came around to the left the space between Liam and G'ma would have been narrowed. However, I like the intent: it is full of life and relationships.

Ann: Just playing.


Julie said...

YOu are nowt but a big tease!! What, in your opinion, is wrong with it?

I like the angle.
I like the claws.
Liam is okay even given the hot chocky ...
I love the g'ma.

Here is what I have learnt would give you the dry rots:
the shadow on Liam's face
The amount of white below the claws
The white between Liam and g'ma

Come to thunk of it: you bin a slack cropper ... just mutter into your froth for a tick ...

bitingmidge said...

You've made my day. You see, I know the person in the background isn't his grandma, and in my mind that ruined the shot.

Now that I've seen her in a more abstract light, it's not bad!

I hadn't spoken to Liam's parents before shooting (it was ok aferwards) and I was keen to keep his face partially obscured. I think that works.

If I'd have dropped another four inches, I would have missed those annoying bits of sky under the roof!

Julie said...

Yep, I agree with all that. There is a lot to like about all the elements you have assembled for this shot: boy. mutt, g'ma, umbrella, and angle.

Easy, peasy - so, go get it right, my man!

Ann said...

Never work with animals or children. Now if the dog had been looking to the left. Mind you I don't mind it at all, the colours are great. I see you have both been busy. I need to try and get out again in the week.

Julie said...

Now you are talkin' ... skinning cats ...

This is why this is such a great project: your head gets turned upsidedown by the thinking process of another humanperson.

If you could get yourself outside in the next coupla days lassie, that would be grand. I had you tagged as a conservative - but you're not, are you? It is the ability to think outside the proverbial that is so so valuable ...

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love Ann's crop. My first impression on seeing Pete's version was that it should have been titled Dodger and Liam. Since the shot does seem to be about the dog then Liam is not so necessary. I understand that it not being g'ma you didn't hit on this approach right at the start. Once again, it is the serendipity that makes some shots sing.