Monday, March 9, 2009

Ann 54/100 - Susan

I knew exactly what I wanted with this one. Unfortunately I couldn't quite get it. The colour is all wrong. I thought the gap in the glass ran all the way along and wanted Susan at the right looking to the left but the glass only goes half way and if she was at her desk on the right she would be behind glass. The second shot is compositionally sort of what I was trying to do but the first one when we were just chatting and she was relaxed is a nicer shot. Tried a few variations using AE but this one is the best and it was taken on Program letting the camera figure it all out.


Julie said...

I agree with your main choice: the pose is just right. Did you ask her to strike that pose or was that pretty normal for her?

I don't understand your comment about the colour being all wrong. I like the lighting. I like the skin tone. I like the colour of the sign and of the timber. Which bit is wrong and in what way?

Ann said...

It looks different now I see it on screen properly. It looked too dark before. Not as bad as I thought. She just leaned naturally as we were chatting so I took another shot. I was, however, trying for that formal look for this one.

Julie said...

I am just about ready to start posing some of mine. Once I enter the 70s I suspect.

How's Womelaide?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I agree the top shot is best.