Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ann 57/100 - Terry (and Pat)

I knew exactly what I wanted with this one - Terry in the window and the logo below - but it didn't work, he was too small in the image and his face too dark. This one has the badge on his sleeve and I'm pretty happy with it but you can't really tell that he's a firie in his fire engine.


Julie said...

Some chunk of hunk! I like the half-smile.

I like the one you have chosen although maybe the second one adds vital context too.

He sure fits cosily into the cabin does your firie ...

bitingmidge said...

I love it too!

I think the badge on his sleeve is enough, and if you ever get into post processing, you'll have a very good shot on your hands I reckon.

The sun's out today, but I've been for a reccy on the beach and no-one's playing still. Too much wind and wave I think.

To a party tonight, so maybe I can find someone I don't know to break my now very long drought!

I watched two hours of post-processing podcasts last night, so I am using this down time productively!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the angle that this shot was taken from ... gives a sense of strength and power to the subject. Very well done.