Thursday, March 12, 2009

Julie (61/100) - Would I let a stranger do this!

Mario owns a 400D, too, with a Servius lens - the one with the red ring. He is covering a baptism for a friend tomorrow and expects to shoot close to 1,500 shots - last weekend at his nephew's baptism he took 900. He does it for free - but he chooses his own shots.

He told me just to go for this: keep pointing and keep shooting. Don't come in too close and restrict the light when you can't verify. Experiment. But keep shooting. Chuck out the crap. There was a lot of crap, but this one I like.


bitingmidge said...


With just a tiny bit of work it will have some real Zing!

I need to find me a Mario, but 1,500 shots? How do they do that?

Just the time taken to sort them would kill me!

Julie said...

Yes, the sorting time is a killer. I had a quick look at your PP version of Mario and will look again this evening. I know it was dark on the screen at work, but somehow I was hoping that the twinkling stars would account for the darkosity.

I shall return. Have to write a job application this evening, too.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I was thinking about the work sifting through 1500 shots too! Because there is light on his face it works despite being dark.

Ann said...

I like this. Getting my hairdresser at work is something I want to do. I want to try a mirror shot of her but last time was too rushed and only had the p&s with me which wouldn't have done the job. 1500, thats how the professionals do it. I'm lucky if I get 6, I think the most I've taken of one person is about 10.