Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ann 68/100 - Helen


Nancy said...

Looks like you had a fantastic cousin reunion! I'm sure they will all appreciate your beautiful pictures.

Julie said...

B/g on the RHS is good; not so on the LHS.
You used flash fill because he face is nicely light - but only a small flare on the rim. How did you manage that?

I hcan handle this sort of eyewear as we can still see her eyes.

She looks like someone I could easily chat with. I think I would want my water a smidge stronger than that!

Ann said...

Couldn't do much about the background on the left, have already cropped it to get rid of some of the annoyances. At least this one doesn't have people walking by, the other did. Can't remember about hte flash, will need to check the EXIF details. Would be surprised if I did. It was the middle of the day so the reflections could be from the sun. She is a lovely woman and we were definitely not drinking water.