Friday, March 27, 2009

Julie (76/100) - Cousins' Reunion - Athol's offspring

These three are siblings: Peter, Morria and Bruce. They are the only attendees who bear the name of the reunion: the Cole family. This is the 13th Annual Reunion and this year was held at the Masonic Club in Castlereagh Street. The most who have attended has been 16: this time, I made the number 10.

To get them in this arrangement, I suggested to Bruce that he may care to go over and stir the others up. He will be up to anything for a lark!

I am not sure about this, but I think these people are my First-Cousins-Once-Removed.


Julie said...

Looks to me as though I focussed on Morria and let the others go hang! Must remember that there are some pictures where the focus needs to be flat - if there be such a concept.

I am adding to my collection on Sunday so focus will be a big factor: focus inside.

Ann said...

Haven't seen anyone I want to photograph for ages. You can certainly see the family resemblance, they look like wonderful people. Try a longer depth of field (I think that's what I mean) so more is in focus). At least you are practicing indoors.

bitingmidge said...

"Seeing someone you want to photograph" I can identify with that.

There were some wonderful subjects round Byron Bay last week, and I spoke with them all, and do you know what? I felt naked (and therefore deliciously free) simply walking round without my camera! ;-)

Besides, it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel....

Ann said...

Nothing wrong with shooting fish in a barrel (useless things, fish). There were so many great subjects at Womad and I didn't need to go looking.