Sunday, March 1, 2009

Julie (50/100) - The missing demographic

Catherine and her two children were feeding the birds at Centennial Park together with Catherine's sister who was visiting from Brissie. The boy dropped his small, pressed-tin bi-plane into the putrid waters and I retrieved it with the head of Dad's walking stick - I felt a bit like Albert wi' lion. With Catherine's agreement, I had been trying to photograph the group from the left, but it was immensely cluttered. After the sister choofed off to wash said plane - followed by one distraught lad - the scene opened up from the right.

This is the image I had in my head: mother smiling, child vibrant with action, water birds in view. However, I did not even notice the detritus on the ground. I knew the other people were up the top but was hoping I could crop them out whilst retaining the black swans. If my pea-brain had computed all this, I would have considered taking two steps to the right.


Ann said...

I really like the one you've chosen. (perhaps crop out the green fence or bench at the very right) The mother's body leaning forward and her arm draws you across to the girl.

That's the sort of composition I've been working on (with varying success), horizontal with the subject to one side.

Ann said...

Wouldn't 2 steps to the right put you in the water?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like this one. Don't hats make people look more interesting. In some way's its a shame we gave them up (other than sun hats).

bitingmidge said...

Wouldn't 2 steps to the right put you in the water?

Pea brains don't compute that sort of thing till it's too late!

I like it too.

Julie said...

Certainly not red-headed pea-brains!