Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Julie (52/100) - Easing into the day

Qui-Huynh works weekend shift at Ryan's Patisserie in Redfern which my son swears by. On the counter is the tiny shot of mango and coffee she talked him into for $3 - s'okay - muggins was payin'. After the better part of an hour in there, I can understand Al's opinion.

For the next few subjects I will be concentrating on indoor portraiture using diffused flash. This first one is without a diffuser, set on auto-portrait taking the default Photo-style (2,0,0,0).


bitingmidge said...

Another lovely shot Julie!

A little under-exposed for my taste (you can fix that later, or learn to use exposure compensation when using the diffuser), but these darker sorts of shots are out of the realm of my expertise as well, so maybe you are on to something.

Ann said...

Looks like a damn good indoor shot to me, a lot better than I've been able to manage. Really nice composition.

Julie said...

I wish I had taken a step to the left to get a little more perspective on her face. It's okay - I checked - no water!

I have looked up the Exposure Compensation (with and without flash) and will fiddle this evening.

I am adjusting the Photo-style as I go this week so expect anything! It's okay though: not as random as is my usual want.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Lovely shot Julie. You are really doing a great job of getting people in natural poses. I like this exposure level.