Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ann 48/100 - Rochelle

This one is out of sequence. It actually no. 57 but its with the point and shoot and I'm sure Peter will like it so its going here. Rochelle was giving out free Pepsi Max outside my building and I couldn't resist getting a shot. Just realised that she's got a bar growing out of her bum but I doubt too many people will be looking at that.

Later - Wasn't going to bother but PUI (posting under the influence) tonight, its Friday - I deserve it, so here's the sharpened, saturated, cropped version.
And here's one with legs:


bitingmidge said...

Oh yes, I love it!

Probably not for the reasons you think though. It's the total blondness of it all. Being paid to promote a company and wearing the logo upside-down! Oh! and the nails that could do with a wee touch-up!

What was her father thinking, letting her go out in that state? ;-)

Beaut photo too, and I like the cropped one best!

Julie said...

Such an excellent find for a subject - dressed to kill.

I like either of the first two shots. The one with legs just lets me know that she is really just a young kid.

Nice main shot though ...

Ann said...

The one with legs was just for Peter. I was just playing around.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Fantastic shot. You guys are getting so good at this.