Monday, March 2, 2009

Julie (51/100) - Daddy time

Sadly, many of the men I see with children at the weekend, only get to see them at weekends. Robert had no bread to feed the swans and ducks - just keys to drive around with.


bitingmidge said...

Another great observation Julie, and a good pic to boot.

I think both the pics today are on a new plateau.

I had a brief outing yesterday, and there were a few people that I could have approached, but no circumstance which would have resulted in a picture.

A few weeks ago I would have been frustrated at my inadequacies. Now it's a bit like fishing, I'll wait till the tide turns.

I'm a bit busy for much of this week, but should get one or two chances, then we're away for another ten days so I will really be lagging by the time I get back!

Ann said...

This is a beautiful shot. Apart from one very early on I haven't really looked at shooting kids. I'm not looking for demographics so much at the moment as a particular type of composition - without much success so far.

Julie said...

The two shots of kids were a breakthrough for me: yet they were so quickly and happily consented to.

I have in mind a shot that I want to get today: that is where I am up to. I want to work out how to shoot indoors with my diffuser this week.

If I don't get this shot today, I will get it sometime this week. I have two others in mind as well. I am picking and choosing my locations, the subjects in each location and then wrapping them up into the composition that I am trying to improve. Quite a difference from the beginning of January.

I can understand where you are coming from Peter. However, my days are on a treadmill and it is relatively easy to slip photography onto the mill. I don't see it as lagging behind in the least.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes a lovely shot. And I agree, you guys are depending a lot less on chance these days.