Saturday, March 7, 2009

Julie (56/100) - Blind leading the blind

Well this shoot was a train-wreck from the beginning. I post it this morning when I see what Ann has posted. We have similar problems.

This is the Art Gallery at the University. Paul is the volunteer for the lunch period. He has a law degree with ten years practice but is looking for a change and curatorial work appeals. Both he and I knew I could not photograph the art works .. and the "reception desk" was in a corner.

Picture 1: tungsten
Picture 2: fluoro
Picture 3: flash

by the end I could not even focus properly.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I can't leave you lonely without a comment Julie but as I am not struggling with all these parameters you guys are trying to manage I haven't got a lot to say, other than I am at least aware of what WB is these days. It makes a good tutorial on the topic.

Other than that ... the place has a nice ceiling :-)

Julie said...

Yes, you can! I knew this was going to happen and I am spending the time reading and experimenting with settings.

I am also working on posts for my other blogs and applying for a new job.

So, do not worry about commenting UNLESS there is something you need to say. Okay?

Ann said...

The flash one certainly has the better light but its too bright. I have no idea what the solution is. Was trying to take photos in Adelaide market with absolutely no success. All too dark. Love the ceiling.

Julie said...

I figure that even 100 posts is not going to be enough to sort many issues. However, I am so chuffed with some of the experimenting I am doing. Even if it does not work first time. That's how I learn: by stuffing up!