Monday, March 16, 2009

Julie (65/100) - MG4 - Body steels

Tor was incredibly softly spoken and most gracious. He was standing back behind the crowd just watching mostly.


bitingmidge said...

What I call a happy shot! Makes me happy just looking at it. If you'd had one of those flash starry filter things they use in Disney movies, the flash in his eye would twinkle and it would have been magical!

Julie said...

The flash in the sunnies is annoying to me, as is the cut off hat. But the hat was so big that I would practically have had to double the distance back to get it all in. And I wanted to get in the happiness of the smile, but the overall sadness of the image.

To me this is the saddest image that I shot during MG. There was a quiet desperation to the man: all by himself, all dressed up. Desperately trying to wear all the symbols of being outlandish ... and yet when I spoke to him he was like a gangly farm-hand.

bitingmidge said...

The flash is easy to fix with the burn tool in PE, just tone the white down a bit and it will become far less obtrusive. The cut off hat works nicely I think, it shows that it's too big to fit in the shot!

Tor himself may not be such an easy fix!

You added commentary is interesting, as it also highlights the discussion we've been having about the message of the photo itself. It's still a happy photo to me though.

Quietly desperate though he may have been, desperately seeking the attention of his "in" crowd, you have noticed him, and taken his photograph.

He's arrived. Just for one night, you've taken him to where he wants to be!

Julie said...

The Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame concept. Scarey, hey! That the photographer can alter the reality that he is seeking to document. I see it on the news all the time.

This poor lad, however, had the blocked sore nose of the chronic cocaine addict that I know from my family circumstances all too well. Maybe, it was sadder to me for that reason. And give him another 15 years and his poor teeth will be nowt but stumps ...