Monday, March 16, 2009

Peter 044 - Maurice

There's no escaping it. Maurice is a cantankerous old bugger.

Can you tell?

He's done many things in his three score years and twenty, and can tell a great story, which he seems to do if anyone stands still within earshot. Like many of his age it seems that he cast his opinions in stone half a century ago, and he's mystified by how simple running the world should be, yet how hard "they" are making it.


Julie said...

This is a wonderful series, Peter. The clarity of the lighting agains the black background really allows the subject to shine through.

And - my current bee-int-bonnet - your text adds depth to the image. Yes, I could sense he was catankerous: the piercing eyes, especially his right one, and the set of the mouth and its attendant lines all point to an element of sourness. However, your final sentence adds tremendously to an understanding of people of that generation who live in a wonderful, yet isolated, part of the world.

Ann said...

There is nothing I can say about your party shots. They are stunning.

altadenahiker said...

Look at that mouth. Reminds me of a fellow I sat with on jury duty. Before we had even closed the door to the deliberation room, he most firmly and definitely told all us jurors in general, "She's guilty." Lest we might want to do something crazy, like, consider the evidence.