Monday, March 16, 2009

Inteviewing the photographer

Had a long chat with photographer Peter Adams at the Blue Mountains Music Festival. He had an exhibition of his Street Wise Project at the Festival. He said the idea of the exhibition was to look at the people in the streets of the Blue Mountains and not go beyond the shopfronts. What intrigued me was that the photos were each so different. He didn't seem to have a "style". I asked him how he made the decision for each shot and he said that with some he wanted to show them in context, particularly if their work/art was an important or defining part of their life. For others he wanted the character to shine through, but mostly it was intuition. Its the shots of the homeless and those of the residents of the old people's home that really touch me. Each person's story is told by writer, Alan Lloyd. Its a beautiful book. Did I take his photo - no. I was far too nervous and didn't have the SLR with me that evening. I could have gone back but, in short, I chickened out.


bitingmidge said...

Great story and great pics Ann.

There's a better address for them though:

There's a gallery of all of them to browse and they are inspirational to say the least! Many are shot with studio lighting though, so there's no need to despair.

I know about chicken.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Being a local, I have seen Peter Adam's photos in at the Hattery and his book at Megalong Books ... in fact I will almost certainly buy it one day. When you guys started on this project I immediately thought of his work. I saw he had an exhibition last weekend but didn't make it ... went on another wayfaring venture instead.