Monday, March 16, 2009

Ann 58/100 - Lindsay

Starting off slowly. This would be better more heavily cropped, I think, but the resolution isn't good enough. Usual problem using the p&s in poor light. They get better.

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Julie said...

But this does cover some of your aims: the subject is in the corner of a horizontal and the context adds to our knowledge of him. Yep, it could have been clearer.

I am starting to favour shots where the subject is not in that "family pose" set up. I will try some more tomorrow on the street. However, I have an RDO on Thursday for my father's generation "Cousin's Reunion" which they are holding at the Masonic Club in Castlereagh Street. Will take my tripod and even try some B&W and sepia. And yes, I know most of them but figure I am beyond that now.

I see you have uploaded a bundle of images ... can't wait to see them all.

Good to have you back ...