Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Julie (66/100) - MG5 - The gum pales into insignificance

David looked absolutely wonderful with his sock-it-to-'em colours and Hugo was so very proud of him. All night there was absolutely no problem with taking photos. However, I do have a nice spiel going now - quite genuine - that indicates that I would be proud to have a photo of them in my collection.


bitingmidge said...

Another goodie. (The photo I mean.) That person in the white tee shirt in the background should have been killed!

The pic really does communicate something of both I think, but is it the real "them"? No matter, it tells a beaut story (without the words).

Julie said...

If I were confident enough with Av that would have solved the problem, I suspect. I am working on that for the next few.

Ann said...

Unfortunately I think the white would be there, albeit slightly more blurred, whatever you did with Av. Beautiful, with or without words. Pride and love come through strongly.