Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Julie (73/100) - Cousins' Reunion - Morria

I admit to tracking Morria most of the afternoon: I have more shots of her than of any of the others. Emotions showed readily in her face: but fleetingly. Not that I thought of her as inconstant - rather, close to the surface.

Once again, the B&W is a disappointment because I cut off too sharply on the bottom-edge: the neck trim really needed to be there in its entirety. Not sure how I seem to be getting that movement in the b/g effect: I seem to have achieved it a few times, yet the subject is relatively in focus. As you can see by now, I had trouble with wine glasses all afternoon ...

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Ann said...

If you are talking about the movement of the person in the background of the third small photo its simply that you are holding the camera still and focussing on the subject and the person at the back is moving which causes movement blur - I like it. If you wanted the person at the back in focus you would focus on them and move the camera with them (panning). I sound like I know what I'm talking about, don't I. I know the theory but I haven't tried it much. Did use it for racing camels in Mali with some reasonable results.

She has a lovely face, I see what you mean about the emotion.