Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Julie (74/100) - Cousins' Reunion - Natalie

Natalie has a warm smile and a ready wit. She speaks with her hands voluminously. She does not like Anna Bligh because she treated the electorate as a door-mat. Her problem is that the other chap does not set her on fire either.


Julie said...

Up here the out-of-focus is much more apparent. Yet, I got the green square and was using the diffuser.

Ann said...

You might just be focussing on the wrong part of the photo. I've had trouble with this - trying to get the face, particularly the eyes in focus and what was in focus in the shot was the neck or chest. If your camera has manual focus try switching to it and manually focussing on the eyes. I'm starting to do this, with some success.

Julie said...

I was using something called Center-weighted Focus. I will change to spot focus and see if that makes a difference.