Saturday, March 28, 2009

Julie (77/100) - Graduation Day (Doctoral degree)

Maria and Rebecca were totally cool about posing: even after I suggested the historic cabinets about two corridors away.

This was a break through in two ways. I told them where I wanted them to stand and how I wanted them to look. I took some photos with the diffuser and some without, and they persevered with me even during the mad dash back to my desk to get the diffuser.


bitingmidge said...

I'm in need of a breakthrough! ;-)

Good one Julie, it's a pity you didn't use more of the cupboards in shot I reckon, after all that effort I mean, and they make a great backdrop.

Ann said...

You are getting good with your indoor shots. I like the second one as well. Its an area I still need to work on.

Julie said...

The third one was among the first I took and caused the mad dash back to my desk once I saw the flare in the glass!

Not sure how I could have managed more of the cupboards in the shot. I was on the other wall and used the zoom to come in to try to avoid the glow even with the diffuser. I did not want cupboard on each side of the subjects because I wanted to ensure that the subject was more prominent than the context.

altadenahiker said...

They look so very poised.