Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peter 042 - Peter

The good thing about finding subjects at parties I've discovered, is that they can't run away, and you can revisit them after they've forgotten about the earlier conversation.

Peter is an ebullient sort of chap so one would have every right to question why the pensive portrait.

He's a hands-on sort of builder who loves working with wood. On Valentine's Day he slipped on some stairs, broke his arm and severely dislocated his shoulder. That jagged bit of fabric poking out from under his collar is actually a sling.

He's been paying for insurance for twenty years without a claim, and has just discovered that under his policy terms there's a limit of three months on income replacement payments, AND the doctors aren't sure that his shoulder will ever be work-fit again.

I'd be pensive too!


Julie said...

We have a lovely synchronicity going at the moment, Peter: the Ying and Yang of Australian society.

I think I would be more than pensive: indeed, depressed would cover it.

I like these portraits with the darkness of night behind them. Were you using a diffuser? How far away were you? The string of coloured lights adds so much to this portrait.

bitingmidge said...

I was no more than a metre from Peter when I took the shot, he was talking with a small group of people and I took it over the shoulder of the person on his left, the one he was looking past.

He was aware I was there, and I snapped just after he'd turned his eyes back away from me.

I was using my accessory flash with the light turned up 45° to bounce it off the ceiling. At that close range I'm really just catching the edge of the light.

Same thing for the next two days, although they were taken indoors against a dark wall. Each of these is a traditional (get inside the head) attempt!

I would dearly love to find some Ying!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Not sure about Ying but Julie sure did Bling in her shot.