Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peter 043 - Marie

Marie is in her mid eighties but still paints a mean eyebrow.

She's happy to talk about any subject really, but one gets the impression that she thinks she's old enough now, and is just waiting for God to collect her.

There's a contradiction somewhere which is difficult to comprehend as she obviously takes care with her personal deportment and clearly loves being round her family.

Perhaps age does weary them after all?


Julie said...

Most definitely: age does weary. I understand this every Saturday.

This is a gorgous portrait, Peter: the gaze, the hand, the eyebrows! I am presuming the change in skin-tone is make-up rather than the flash.

Old age is full of contradictions: imagine going on a journey over which you have no control. My father always talks about how he would like God to take him: then complains about drafts as he might catch chill. Once, oldies stop taking care of personal deportment you know depression has set in.

Wonderful portrait - Bravo!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Julie, we know from past experience that "just another face" doesn't necessary make a portrait. I think that the party mode meant that cameras were part of the deal, so everyone stayed relaxed, and the camera remained invisible!

Yes, the colour change is real, not flash enhanced. There's a characteristic which I think is peculiar to Australian women as they age: The skin on the neck and hands develops an entirely different texture and colour to that on their face, because it has been protected by decades of make up.

Note to file: Powder your hands as well as your nose!

Joan Elizabeth said...

At this rate we'll see you topping up your coffers as a party photographer ... you have doing a great job on these ... you seem to have the technicalities all down pat.