Friday, April 3, 2009

Julie (83/100) - A percussive storm

I asked Anna at the end of the previous set if it was okay to take photos and she just grinned and waved "Sure"! However, it was a real challenge to know where to focus. There were lots of people milling and sitting and I knew it would not be a good move to block their view. I could not get behind as they were wedged into a corner of the foyer of The Con. I used the diffuser and think I was set on P for the duration. I didn't know whether to focus on her face or her hands - nor just which hands were her. Unfortunately, this all shows in the clarity,

Look at their concentration: it was complex on the page and required that they stop and start frequently and synchronisation was essential. They grinned their heads off when they finished.


Julie said...

Well, that is me come to the end of my scheduled posts, as well. I feel sure I will get something at the Voice Masterclass I am observing tomorrow afternoon.

bitingmidge said...

I tried to take some Marimba shots a few weeks ago (not in the portrait vein). I kept the shutter speed low to capture the movement of the hands - too low as it turned out. "Look mum, no hands..."

You sure know how to challenge yourself!

I don't think people "see" someone with a camera taking shots in this circumstance. We are all used to film crews wandering around the set at most concerts these days, and just block them out. Wear a black tee shirt and you'll be invisible.

Julie said...

I have photographed many of these people before and they have agreed to it again. They quite like the challenge of having to ignore me and to continue with their role even if I use flash.

I love music and musicians and I would like to improve my technique for capturing what they do. A challenge with singers is to ensure that they are not captured showing stress and facial contortions.

The Musical Director is a pianist who has very long slender fingers ... looking forward to that, too.

Ann said...

I really like this one. I also like the focus on her face rather than hands.

freefalling said...

Geez you guys are prolific!
How's a person supposed to keep up!
I had 50 posts to catch up on.
I know Julie told me I have to say why I like (or don't like) a photo, but I try not to analyze it - I just like to feel it.
These ones are the ones I enjoyed the most.
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