Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ann 76/100 - Joan and Gladys

Not quite what I wanted but getting there - taken with the p&s. Would have preferred Gladys with a similar pose to Joan rather than leaning inwards but they were both getting uncomfortable so I stopped. I looked into the dark interior of the Sydney Hospital Shop and the first impression was of the two women being confined behind bars which was what I was trying to capture. This is my last one until I see something/someone interesting.


freefalling said...

I like the leaning.
Gives it a whimsical touch.
I like the feel of this photo very much.

bitingmidge said...

Getting there alright!

I like it too. When you master the P&S, we will tremble as you pass. A great idea I have to say.

Julie said...

This is so good.

I immediately had a vision of Bogdanovich's 1971 "Last Picture Show" which was a seminal flick for moi.

This captures an era ...

Joan Elizabeth said...

I just knew when I saw the name Joan that she would be elderly. My mum gave me a name that is out of sync with time ... a bit like that shop. A really interesing capture.

Julie said...

And somewhere last week you bemoaned that you could no longer capture context.