Sunday, April 5, 2009

Julie (84/100) - Voice Master Class: the tenor

Matt is a Tony-Bennett-style crooner who caresses a song. He was the first cab off the rank in the Master Class which is a gutsy way to go. The positive criticism was that he had an emotional connecton with the lyric of the tune but needed to connect more emotionally with the audience.

In the Master Class series I tried a bit of most things: flash with the diffuser, no flash on the tripod, and no flash up close and personal. The noise and camera shake were still the majority of the images shot. But I was happy that some were salvagable. During post-processing I cropped, red-eyed and sharpened.

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Ann said...

You are really getting good with your indoor shots. You seem to have figured the lighting out. I love the passion in the main shot - good choice. I like the composition of all the ones you've put up, particularly the second one.