Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It struck me at lunchtime as I took my next two strangers, how flattered most people are to be asked. This is something that surprised me. I expected more suspicion or flat out rejection but most people have been pleased to cooperate and surprised that someone finds them interesting enough to want a photo of them.


Julie said...

Totally agree. Once I realised that the issue was not "me", I understood that if I phrased it the right way, nearly everyone would agree to being my subject. I had to explain why I wanted THEM. Not even what I wanted to so with it. We are not that terrified yet. We are not that litigious yet.

And I didn't butter them up; I did not brown-nose. I tried to explain in a quiet, friendly (motherly) way what it was about them that would make a good photograph. And it could be just the way their hair glowed in the afternoon sun.

The other thing that I realised early on - and which produced better images - was that most people were more comfortable if I insisted that they go about doing whatever it was that attracted me in the first place. The task to make the photo interesting was mine. They were already interesting. I will go through my portfolio (hee hee hee ... how pretentious!!) this evening to see when the last posed photo was that I took.

Now to cook a pie for my bubba boy - who turns 28 next week- and is fixing my tv in return for a meal.

Ann said...

I'm still posing when I use the p&s, trying not to with the SLR, but the poses now aren't as stiff as they were, they look more relaxed.