Thursday, April 23, 2009

Julie (100/100) - portrait of the aged artiste

Thank you, Ann. Thank you, Pierre. I know I have gone like bull-at-gate but it will probably not surprise you that is pretty standard for moi! Having people to share this project with has made all the difference: I would not have stayed the course otherwise.


cara said...

Congratulations on your 100, Julie! I love the warm light and shadow in this top one. And your relaxed manner... you never would guess you took these shots and had to keep getting up all the time! How many did you take before you decided on these? Was it harder to choose your own than the others? I think if it had been me, there would have been a LOT of shots and I probably wouldn't have been totally happy with any of them. Although maybe after the experience of taking the portaits of 99 others, I'll have learned a thing or two!
Well done! I look forward to your next project...

bitingmidge said...

No, no! Thank YOU.And you've saved your best for last I see! How did you get the subject to sit still long enough for that shot?

I have just caught up with the shots from the last couple of days, can't believe that you are "across the line". I was going to say I wish I was finished too, but I actually don't, I'm quite enjoying just plodding along at the moment, knowing that the opportunities will arise soon enough.

I could not have imagined how steep the learning curve could be on a project such as this, nor how much one can gain from sharing other's experience.

Well you've finished that glass, on with the next chapter, but don't go away, I need you more than you need me!


Joan Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! I was eager with anticipation to see what the subject of your special 100 would be and was completely surprised by your choice ... fantastic. It has been brilliant riding along with you on this project and I'm glad it's going to continue. Now for the extra pleasure of enjoying your work and journey again I am going to go back through all 100 of them and pick my favourites -- will probably settle on 5.

Ann said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Who'd have thunk it. Wonderful shot for the completion of the journey. Now to look forward to the next one.

I can't thank you enough for persuading me to take part, I've gained so much confidence, even if the technical side of things hasn't improved that much.

Ann said...

My favourites - 89, 69, 67, 53, 29, 28, 19, 15, 8 and 7. I'm not going to analyse why, these are the ones that speak to me most as I look back, although its pretty obvious why I like No. 7.

Ann said...

That last comment applies to No 8, not 7.

Julie said...

Yes you did have me thinking about No. 7 ... No. 8 is easy to see why!!!

Julie said...

Firstly, thank you to each of you for your kind comments this morning.

Cara: I took these over the last week. It was only last night that I gave myself a severe talking-to for going gently and not getting to the essence of the subject. That is when the close-ups eventuated. To give myself time to get into the chair - and not squash too many felines - I set the timer onto 7 secs. However, this camera gives me 7 secs to get settled and then takes 7 images! So I actually have a few hundred self-bloody-portraits! It was harder to choose because it was so simple just to take another batch ... pathetic really.

Pierre: It is sort of sad that I have reached 100 really. Like finishing a degree and wondering what now to do with one's life/spare time. This has been such a good learnig vehicle and I think especially because we have been able to share, to critique and to cajole. I like going out on a limb (not like ... I think it is good for my soul to go out on a limb) and the sharing of shots gave me new ideas and insights each morning that continually fed into my next shots. As I said, I will continue on shooting and posting. There is so much still to learn and I really enjoy the camaraderie.
Joan: Don't know who I would have chosen if I ruled myself out. Once the thought of a self-portrait lodged in my brain it never shifted. That was a challenge in itself, what with cats having bun fights over the top of the vino! I look forward to your choice of 5.
Ann: I am chuffed you had the guts to join and that you stayed the distance, too. You keep saying that about your technical photography; yet I don't agree. Many of your shots have changed dramatically from what you were doing prior to Strangers, as you agreed yesterday. But that is not the full value of a project like this. The value is in the social fabric: interacting with the wider population and interacting with the group. It has been a buzz, kid, and I look forward to the course later in May.

To you all: as I said earlier, I have so many more miles to travel with this project yet. However, I have another one forming in my head thanks to the work of Steffe. He is part of a Flikr group called a Photo a Week: same scene for 52 weeks. I like that idea but the problem is to find a scene with the possibility of sufficient change.

Once again, thanks folks ...

freefalling said...

You're a dynamo!
(do you EVER sleep??)
Good on ya.
I like that second shot of you.
There's an intimacy and a familiarity about it that is very comforting.