Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ann 81/100 - Stan

Second World War veteran, Stan, was selling Anzac Day badges on behalf of the Returned and Services League (RSL). Unfortunately I got the focus on his tie and not his face.


Julie said...

I meant to comment on this yesterday but my day got away from me and then I had no internet connection at home last night! Had to do housework instead ... bummer !!!!

This shot is indicative of the changes that have occurred in your photography over the last 3 months. Not the lack of focus, you silly billy!! The zoom in .. let me guess ... this was incamera zoom, yes?

This is the sort of chap I am hoping to get shots of as I wander around tomorrow morning. I would be tempted from the side to get the whispy grey hair, the hearing aide and the bent back.

This is a wonderful subject ...

Ann said...

In camera and 6 mnths ago I would never have cut half his head off. Not the composition I wanted but he was behind a stall, was very busy so couldn't stand still for long. I like this but wish it was in focus. With the SLR I would have tried for a context shot of him selling the badges to chatting to people.

I'm hoping for the same tomorrow, will get off the train at Martin Place and wander down to the Quay, looking in on a couple of pubs on the way to see if there is any two up going on. As I'm going to the matinee I may even have a chance at some sunset shots if it isn't grey and miserable.

bitingmidge said...

Looks like one of my "specialty" focus shots! Almost but not quite. I'm sure I've got betterer at them!

I agree with Julie Ann, it's quite exciting to watch really.

Anonymous said...

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