Thursday, April 23, 2009


What did Cara ask? How has my approach changed and my three favourite shots.

Photography is like history: if you try to show too much the eye does not know where to focus; the brain cannot work out what you are trying to say. I have learnt the value of focussing on a detail and letting that particular illuminate the whole. I have learnt that a subject is different from many angles and that there are 360 degrees in a circle. I have learnt that the least interesting way to photograph a person is to show all of them and to show that front on. I have learnt that to photograph more than one person you foreshorten the distance between them by shooting from the side. I have learnt that you might as well do the cropping in camera. How has my approach to people as subjects altered? I am not shy but I have an inferiority complex. I have learnt that other people cannot see this and really dont give a damn about it at all. I should just get over it, because the photo is all about the subject.

Threee favourite shots: 7 because I head-talked myself into going back to ask him; 50 because I had to overcome my phobia about people thinking that I might want to molest a child; 89 because it showed my favoured working class demographic

Tomorrow: Three photographs where I made progress.