Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peter 047 - Rod

I'll bet you can't guess that Rod is a spanner-man!

He's the sort of bloke that can turn his hand to most things, and isn't afraid to tackle all sorts of challenging automotive repairs, which is why his workshop is full of old European cars and why he's trying to patent a hand operated mechanism for a recumbent bicycle.

In the late sixties he was a renowned motor cycle drag racer, and he started to build a replica of the old bike recently but his "management" reminded him that at his age that may not be so smart.

Not my favourite picture, but I'll count it anyway.


Julie said...

Wu-hoo!! All back in the pool and paddlin'

I'm sure there is a quip to be made here about racing in drag ...

What I am trying to work out though, is how you see when you are hand-propelling a recumbent bike. At least when you are foot-propelling said bike, the top half of the body is relatively still.

I bought me a sheet of peg-board today, but forgot the peg things. Sick of having all my tools (hee hee hee) junked in a cardboard box.

Just remembered that I am supposed to be critiquing the quality of the photograph ... I like it because it is a real person doing real person stuff. What I would like to see is a photo of his hands: greasy fingernails'n'all ...

Ann said...

Definitely countable and with enough context to say something about him. You can see he's a man with a shed.

Anonymous said...