Monday, April 20, 2009

Julie (97/100) - belting it out with amazing grace

Dave is no taller than yours truly - challenged, right? However, he is two pick handles across the shoulders with a barrell of a chest. And can he belt a song into the middle of next week! He is a carpenter and shipwright from Milton-Ulladulla.

I was distressed to find that the three smaller shots were not in focus. However, I include them to show you the extreme effort that singing can entail.


Ann said...

That's real passion. Well captured. Are you cropping or zooming to this composition.

Julie said...

These are all as captured - so it is all zoom.

He was just terrific and for all the passion, there was not a lot of full body movement, and I was sitting on the roadway just in fornt of him.

Joan Elizabeth said...

The sequence of three is fantastic ... what an expressive face.

Julie said...

Yes, they look good lined up like that, don't they. Wish they had been in focus!!

He was a most impressive performer. He really psyched himself up before he burst into Amazing Grace. And the choir was as buzzed as was the milling throng.

Anonymous said...

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