Friday, May 29, 2009

Ann - Faces from a Macedonian Wedding 5

Grandfather and grandson.


Julie said...

Look at the intensity in those eyes! And I can see the tip of the corner of a hanky ...

Such an emotional photograph. I think both men would value a copy of this, Ann.

Good capture.

Ann said...

I feel a bit funny about this one. I love it but I feel as though I've intruded on a very private moment and don't know what they'd think. I've given the disk to his parents but haven't had any feedback yet. They'll probably be too polite to say anything other than they are all really good - which they aren't.

Julie said...

I went to the World Press Photo exhibit last night. From here on out that is what I am: a photo journalist. I am recording my part of the world in my own style.

I think you have captured something very fine here. I think back to the photo from Colombia (I think) of the young dead woman on the road and the kombi full of very young children looking at the body. That is fine photo journalism: it makes you worry for the psychological well-being of children so young who can look upon such a sight with interest rather than horror.

You have captured something intense, emotional and fine here. You are a good photo journalist.

Ann said...

Thank you. I've always loved photo journalism. This is why I don't think I'll be using full manual much during travel. You just don't have the time to muck around and for this type of shot you need a long lens, although I definitely want to know how it all works and how to do it so I can make choices.

Its interesting, the more I read the more they say take a small, light kit for travel, not every bit of gear you own. I think what I might end up with eventually is stuff I use at home or when I have the luxury of staying in the one place for a while and one or two lenses and filters for travel, although I think I do need to take the tripod, if I can fit it in.

That Colombia photo was a shocker, that people can become used to that. The other one that really hit me was the Kenya one with the looter, I think he was, being beaten.

Dina said...

Ohh, a great shot, Ann!