Saturday, May 30, 2009

Julie (132) - Laurel & Mary volunteering

After procrastinating for over ten days, I finally bit the bullet today. I asked these wonderful women if I could take their photograph knowing full-well that I had to take it on Manual or feel like an abject failure and a wus!

This was the final of four and I had managed to take the step to close the gap betweern them and to include a little of the sunlight streaming through the portico. Laurel (L) and Mary (R) were on the table selling memorabilia to the graduands and their guests at lunch time today underneath the carilion tower. It is overexposed and I was so anxious that I shook all over the place.

F5.6, 1/13, ISO 400, 70mm

Maybe I should have closed the aperture to F7.0, and decreased the ISO to 200 thereby keeping the s/s as fast as possible. The distance is what I wanted.

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Ann said...

It looks too slow to handhold (says she who is still trying to a grip on all this :)).