Monday, May 25, 2009

Cara (004) Phil

The people you come across in London at 6am! This is Phil and he's a bird ringer with the British Trust for Ornithology . Around 800,000 birds are ringed in Britain and Ireland each year in order to gather information about migration, size, habitats and populations. According to the leaflet he gave me, the birds are not unduly affected by the little rings which are of relative size to the bird's weight and a bit like wearing a watch. The bird here is a Dunnock.


Julie said...

Bill is a bit like a sulphur-crested human! I love his hair and his toothy gap.

Very original subjects. Keep 'em coming. And, hey! Did I say "Enjoy"!!

Ann said...

that light is beautiful, so much better than our harsh light. Terrific shot. Hope you don't mind if I make it larger.

cara said...

Not at all...How did you do that?

Ann said...

Go to the "Edit html" screen. In the text delete the bits where it says Width: xxxx and Height: xxxx then find where it says s400 and change it to s640. Make a note of the width and height first in case you make a mistake. Hit preview to see what it will look like. If its okay, publish.

It won't let me c&p the html in here to show you where.