Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cara (009) Mark

Mark was well up for a pose, thumbs up with a grin frozen on his painted face... but when I told him to just carry on what he was doing (driving a remote control Ferrari around Hamley's) he looked a bit unsure. The lighting was a bit of a challenge as you can see. There was no natural light but plenty of spot lights. I had my flash on low. I didn't bother to adjust the white balance (set to cloudy) which might have made for a better shot. Indoors really is tricky!

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Ann said...

Indoors was the area I really had trouble with. I may be working it out now, using manual but I don't think I ever got a really good indoor shot during the 100. The white balance threw me every time.

Correction, I got 1 good shot (Adrian) but that was trial and error and a lot of patience on his part.