Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peter 057 -Scott

Scott is based in Leigh Creek in North East South Australia, where he is an itinerant teacher for the School of the Air, which means he gets to drive around his "classroom" keeping contact with his students who are normally taught via the internet via sattelite, rather than HF radio as in days gone by.

Like many teachers he has a love for kids and learning which shines through.

He's also an active member of the Community Fire Service, and was one of those volunteers who headed out to Victoria earlier in the year when the monster fires were on.


Julie said...

Somehow the subjects that Peter is finding in the outback are more cleancut than the subjects back here in the real world.

Just thought what it is: it is my Launceston realisation.

They are all anglos ...

bitingmidge said...

Ahh, the Launceston realisation. I'll remember that!

I was chatting with a Taiwanese friend in Adelaide, who shuddered at the thought of camping in the bush. Believe it or not, he was afraid of MOSS.

I suppose I could have taken a few shots of non anglo persons while in the bigger smoke, but studiously avoided it.

Too many trees and hills to concentrate on!