Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Julie (120) - Tony horsing around

Taken in McLaurin Hall which is not the best lit place in the world, so resorted to flash - and not even with a diffuser. Need to design another one of those to go with the new camera and not cover the viewfinder which I now use exclusively.

Tony was operating the video for a symposium and posed for me against one of the panelled walls. He reckons he wants it for his Mum.


Julie said...

I guess I could have lightened the first image a couple of notches.

I considered removing the bar down the LHS of the second image but thought it gave a measure of relief to the darkness.

Ann said...

I prefer the second one and without the bar which draws my eye out of the photo. I think he is just fine against the dark background. This is very much my style of portrait. How have you managed not to get flash reflection?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the second one best too -- simple and clear.